The new guy didn’t do what I needed

I really hate being people’s boss.

I don’t like to tell people what to do.

I’m not a fan of checking over people’s shoulders to ensure that they are on task and behaving appropriately. Overall the whole thing reminds me more of being a parent than an autonomous adult, and I didn’t have any kids for a reason. So, when I have to manage my heating, cooling, and air quality control workers because they aren’t acting appropriately… i”m not a very happy camper. I would much rather hire experienced, reliable indoor air quality control technicians and let them take care of their own work every day. I don’t want to double check that they can service an AC unit, diagnose a furnace, or engage politely with our HVAC customers. I just want them to take their indoor temperature control device assignments, hit the road, and represent the HVAC company to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, sometimes you get a stinker who just cannot manage to do their simple job as a heating, cooling, and ventilation service provider. This is exactly what happened to me last month when I hired someone straight out of the local technical college’s heating, cooling, and air quality control specialization program. I thought he was going to be an HVAC maven, with all the advanced technology they teach at the heating and cooling school these days. But the kid had no common sense. After the fifth complaint I got from our regular HVAC customers, I had no choice but to let the dude go. It’s a shame, he could put together an entire cooling system from scratch, but he freaked out the clients.

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