The new owner of the HVAC company promoted the wrong guy

The new owner of the HVAC company promoted the wrong guy, and I am very upset about it.

It has already been a hard month in the HVAC company.

I cannot believe that the young HVAC technician in our HVAC company capitalized upon this fact by securing a position above all of the other HVAC technicians that have been working for the HVAC company for a long time. The old owner of the HVAC company retired recently, but before he retired, he sold the HVAC company to another HVAC technician that had been planning to run his own HVAC company. The old owner could have given the HVAC company to one of the HVAC technicians, but he has always been pretty greedy. Thankfully, one of the things that the old owner of the HVAC company did was to make sure that all of the HVAC technicians had a job before he sold the HVAC company. However, when the new owner of the HVAC company came in, we were worried. This guy did not know any of us, and he seemed to lack a bit of discretion. One of the things that he could not recognize was HVAC talent. One of the younger HVAC technicians began sucking up and brown-nosing, and you could tell that this younger HVAC technician was trying to become the favorite. None of us could believe it when it worked. Now, this inexperienced HVAC technician is in charge of all of us. If he tries to pull any power plays, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of us quit. I cannot believe it.



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