The open window doesn't help the bathroom heater

Last weekend, my family and I went camping.

  • The weather was supposed to be sunny and clear with very little clouds in the sky.

I thought it would be the perfect weekend for camping. My wife and I were both off work early on Friday, so we went home and started packing the truck before the kids got home from school. We took the tent, sleeping bags, a lantern, and a full cooler with drinks and food. It wasn’t supposed to be very cold that night, but my wife and I took a small space heater just in case. We were staying in a campground with electricity and water on our campsite. if it was cold, we would be able to plug in the heater. My wife and the kids and I went for a hike as soon as we got to the campground. It started raining while we were hiking. When we came back to the campsite, all of us were ready to go to the bathhouse to take a shower. There was a heater in the bath house which helped make the entire area feel much warmer. There was also a heater in the women’s bath house as well, but there was a window open near the roof. A lot of the warm air from the heater was escaping due to the open window. I had a very warm and relaxing shower, but my wife and the kids could not say the same thing. Thankfully, the tent was warm and cozy for bedtime thanks to the small portable space heater.

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