They feel so cold when they go take a shower in winter

Ben and Jen wanted to get heated flooring for their powder room.

They were getting so tired of having to get up in the morning in the Winter and be frigid when they went to take a shower.

This was something that was getting to be pretty old. At times it even ruined Ben and Jen’s whole day. However, the couple opted first to try buying a portable furnace instead. After all, paying only 68 bucks for heating versus $4000 is a big deal. Well, the portable furnace seemed to have done the work as long as they put it on about 10 minutes before they got into the shower. It’s what works best for Ben and Jen it seems. They will not be investing $4000 into heated floors for their powder room because of this. Although heated floors would be nice, they’re just too lavish for Ben and Jen and their budget. Now if the portable furnace didn’t do the trick, then they would have invested the money by taking out a loan from their bank in order to get the heated floors. But now they don’t even have to think about that because of this attractive portable furnace that has the power to do what is needed. This unit keeps Ben and Jen hot in the powder room. The cold Winter nights seem to be no match for the portable space heater. It has so much power and can handle it. That is Ben and Jen think about the majesty of HVAC technology.

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