Trying to reclaim the top spot on my favorite pinball machine

There is this one particular bar that my buddies and I have gone to ever since we were old enough to buy drinks.

The place has a really nice set up with old school pinball machines, darts, pool tables, and plenty of places to relax while eating and drinking.

They have some of the best chicken wings I have had, and I love drinking there with my friends. I would say that the best thing is that they always keep the temperature control settings just right. Even when I ask if they can crank up the A/C system a little bit, they will usually do that for me. I guess it’s because I have been a regular at this bar for numerous years. If you want to keep business, you have to please the regulars right? Well, up until recently, I have had the highest score on their Ghostbusters pinball machine. I love that pinball machine the most because when you play, you’re directly under one of the HVAC vents. When I went in there recently though, I just about freaked out when my buddies told me that somebody beat my score. It was some new guy in town and he acted like he was this big hot shot. I ended up sitting there and playing the game until I could beat his score, which I still haven’t managed to do yet. So basically, I’m going to keep getting shots with my buddies and focus on the pinball game until I reclaim my record as the champion of that pinball machine!

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