Waiting a long time for air conditioner upgrade

This allows us to keep the windows shut against pollen and other air contaminants.

I waited a long time to finally have central air conditioner installed into my home. I live in the northeastern part of the country, on the edge of a single of the Great Lakes. This section is often called the “snow belt” because of the severity of the Winter time weather. It’s not unproper to rely on the gas furnace for several to eight months. By the time summer time finally arrives, I’m relieved to avoid the excessive energy costs. I’m anxious to open the windows, welcome in a fresh breeze and air out the house! Since the warmer un-even temperatures don’t last long, I never saw a need to invest in air conditioner; My partner and I typically managed with box fans and a window air conditioner into the living room; When our daughter was around several years old, she started suffering from dust sensitivity symptoms. She complained of headaches, sore throat, congestion and itchy eyes. All of us took her to the doctor, got dust sensitivity medication and also started looking into ways to improve the health of our home. All of us got rid of all of the carpets because they tend to harbor dust mites and other contaminants. I contacted a local Heating and Air Conditioning corporation and replaced to a central cooling system. This allows us to keep the windows shut against pollen and other air contaminants. Plus, the air conditioner filters out airborne pollutants. I also invested in a whole-house air cleaner that traps up to 99% of particulates such as dust, dander, bacteria and spores. Because of this, our condo is so much cleaner and healthier, and our daughter enjoys better quality of life.


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