We didn’t have to freeze thanks to our area heater machines

My parents divorced when I was just a youngster. It truly wasn’t as traumatic as you might expect. To be perfectly honest, I found that my parents were better people when they were separated from each other. I did actually miss spending time with my dad though… However, the time I did spend with him was especially nice. Almost every weekend we would go camping. He had this travel trailer plus we would just go have a really great time in it. My friends sincerely didn’t understand why I never had my weekends free despite the fact that I would rather go camping with my dad than go hang out anyway. Well I’m all grown up now plus have a life of my own. It has been several years since I was able to go camping with my dad. But Last year he called me out of nowhere plus asked if I wanted to go camping. I said yup! Unluckily it ended up being a very freezing weekend. It’s a good thing that my dad had 2 area furnaces in his trailer plus we were hooked up to electricity. We would go out plus go hiking or biking plus then come back inside of the trailer plus thaw out in front of the area heating machines. I have to say, it was tough to pull ourselves away from those area heating machines plus go have more good times outdoors. Even cooking outside was not so easy! The area furnaces were a great deal more comfortable than the campfire was. Still, I had a pretty nice time plus this reminded me of all the fun we used to have. My father plus I legitimately should go camping a lot like we used to.


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