We went out and bought new portable air conditioners

When we went out and bought new portable air conditioners we were genuinely surprised at how well they worked. We knew these were going to do the job in keeping our living room extra cool in the evening during the sizzling Summer time weeks of the year. However, we did not expect the units to work as great as they do. These portable air conditioners can cool our entire living room in a matter of minutes. No matter how sizzling it is, the living room cools off pretty darn quick. The older portable a/cs could never achieve the same. Not to mention the swamp coolers we had when we were kids were even weaker than that. Heating and cooling technology has surely come a long way since we were younger. We never thought we would see the time where portable air conditioners could be this powerful and do these kinds of things. The fact that we got the portable air conditioners for under two hundred dollars makes it even more of a surprise. These are powerful and can create the best indoor comfort in a matter of minutes. We were unaware that portable a/cs had come this far in recent years. And so you can imagine our surprise when we found how well it honestly cooled our living room. It makes us think, maybe we can use this in the living room too and reduce the use of our central heating and air conditioner to save on energy use. It may be something we will try and see how well it works out. It’s just amazing.

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