What is the difference between a commercial and residential gas furnace?

The weather lady had just reported that the next few weeks we would be braving a brutal winter. There would be heavy rainstorms and drastic frigid winds with snowstorms. That evening after the announcement, I observed some smoke coming from the gas furnace in my basement. I had not been around in the Autumn to schedule an HVAC tune-up of the system and so I did not get to service the system. I made a point to quickly contact an HVAC company the following afternoon. At about early that evening, the ductless HVAC stopped working altogether, so I had to get my space gas furnace to help with indoor comfort throughout the evening. The next afternoon, I contacted the HVAC supplier requesting them to send a professional to sort the issue with my central system. After examining the unit, the professional established that the device could not be repaired, she proposed that I get a new HVAC system. I inquired about some of the appropriate systems I would require for my residence and after gathering information, I set out to the heat and A/C product dealer. After going through a few shops, I came to one commercial HVAC provider where I got a new commercial system because they were running a commercial HVAC for sale promotion. I contacted the service tech to come to do the installation and upgrade the dial temperature controls. I was shocked and disappointed in myself when the professional from the new home comfort dealership proposed that I had gotten the wrong system. I got a commercial system instead of a residential one, no wonder it was so huge. Apparently, they are not similar, one is designed to serve a big space and number of people. Fortunately, the dealership was willing to exchange for residential quality HVAC equipment. The new system got installed plus a new digital temperature control. I was fortunate!

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