While cleaning the gutters, I noticed a bee nest on the AC

I hate cleaning the gutters and completing yard work, but once in a while I have to get out there and grab the hedge clippers and pruning shears.

I have a special tool to clean the gutters.

It attaches to the end of the hose and helps provide gentle force to clean the mud, dirt, and leaves. It works really well and is one of my favorite household gadgets. When I bought the items from the home shopping club, my wife thought it was a horrible waste of money. The first time I used the nozzle, it was hard to argue with the results. The gutters were spotless of any speck of dirt or grime. I got up on the ladder last weekend, so I could clean the gutters again. While I was standing on the ladder, I looked down on top of the window AC unit in the garage. I noticed a very large nest of bees on top of the AC unit. I didn’t want to clean the gutters while the nest was active and I thought it was more important to get rid of the AC unit problem at the time. I put the gadget back in the garage and told my wife about the problem with the nest of bees. I went to the hardware store to find some spray to kill the insects. I waited until it was dark and I sprayed the insect killer all over the nest and the entire AC unit. I waited until the next day to check on the nest. I was afraid to use the AC unit the first time after discovering the nest, but thankfully it doesn’t seem like the nest was actually impairing the use of the machine.

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