Window localement means I need to add a tint

I bought a little apartment in the neighborhood and I really do like it… I have hardwood floors, brick countertops and three kitchens with a single powder room.

It is perfect for a single lady such as myself; The backyard is quite tiny although I don’t need much room. The neighbors are right on top of myself and others although I am used to it. To me, it is worth having close neighbors in order to be close to everything else. I can ride my bike to the bank, grocery store, hardware store, bars and all the popular diners. That is worth just about anything. The only con to my apartment is the window localement; Whoever the architect was did a terrible job. I realized that there is no spot in the apartment to rest that a window doesn’t show me. I didn’t realize how often I walk around with no pants until I had this window issue, however anytime I have to change my clothes, I need to shut the blinds on about a million windows. I have started looking into decorative window movies. I don’t really like my view, I just want privacy. There are windows movies that have a fogged glass look that I believe is perfect for the kitchen and powder room. The other windows I might add a tint to them. It makes the windows look black from the outside but clear inside. That way I can walk around with no pants and not worry about blinds. I believe like adding this window tint will only add value to my home.


Home Window Tinting Maintenance

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