You help however you can

I really do everything I can in life to take care of my friends and family.

These people mean more to me than anyone else on the planet, and I’m sincerely never going to leave their sides.

If anyone that I love ever needs help, I’m the first person to run over and offer a hand. However, there’s one area where I’m incapable of being any assistance at all; dealing with indoor air quality control issues. You see, I never went to heating, cooling, or air quality control repair school or anything similar. The people I know didn’t teach me how to deal with broken equipment or mechanical devices, so I barely know how to program a thermostat, let alone how to clean, install, or repair a heating, cooling, and air quality control setup. If anything, I rely on my kid’s to handle our newfangled smart temperature control device. The smart thermostat is more like a computer than a real dial thermostat. So, whenever my friends and family have indoor air quality control problems, I just redirect them to the best person for the job. My trusted heating, cooling, and air quality control technician who has been servicing my indoor temperature control equipment for at least ten years now. I never want my HVAC system to be poorly maintained or in danger of breaking down and requiring emergency help, so I’m calling my local HVAC repair shop often for routine service. If there’s ever a problem with the temperature control capabilities of my favorite people on the planet, I get my HVAC tech to their house and get their indoor air quality control devices serviced immediately.

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