A family of HVAC experts

Are you an HVAC wizard? I know that’s a silly question… Most people would consider them to be Heating and Cooling adequate, if that. I doubt that many folks consider themselves to be true experts when it comes to their air quality control matters. Unless you happen to come from a family of designated Heating and Cooling experts, that is. Truth be told, that’s my background. My family has been working in the heating and cooling industry for over 50 years now. I wouldn’t have expected that heaters and air conditioners were even around that long, if it wasn’t for my grandpa sitting me down and telling me stories of old oil furnaces back in the day. I’ve grown up listening to tales of terrible blizzards and insane heat streaks my entire life.  I’ve learned all about the heroic actions of my ancestors as they rescued freezing and boiling families from their respective climate conditions. I’ve also acquired years of family guilt over the condition of my own heating and cooling system.

You see, having a family of HVAC experts isn’t always the best thing. There are times that it can be a lot of pressure. When the holidays roll around, you don’t necessarily want a room full of people bitching and complaining about the freshness of your indoor air.  It’s great that they have a concern over my respiratory health and my regular energy expenditure… But sometimes I just want them to butt out. I do the best that I can to manage my indoor air quality and temperature, but nothing is ever enough when you have a room full of experts. Everyone is trying to show off to each other. There’s no end to the recommendations that will be flying at you from all directions. At times, it stops being useful and starts to get overwhelming. 

There’s one thing that my family never disagrees on, however. The importance of always maintaining your Professional Heating & Cooling service appointments for all of your air temperature control equipment will never be called into question. “Schedule your service appointment” is basically our family motto.  My folks know better than anybody else that the key to maintaining a high quality and low cost heating and cooling system is to properly maintain the Machinery year-round. Many people make the mistake of forgetting about their existing air conditioning and heating systems. They assume that since the thermostat  response to their every demand, that means their HVAC system is doing just fine. However, there can be a million unknown problems under the surface of your high quality indoor air. It might seem like everything is running in Tip-Top shape, but you never really know until a professional ventilation expert is on the scene. My family will never let you forget these lessons.

One of the traditional conversation topics around our dinner table is limited parts warranties. my uncles and brothers love to go through online AC and furnace manuals, and try to find the manufacturer warranty section. You see, it turns out that this is usually hidden in the brochure. Manufacturers are happy to talk about the merits of their Machinery, but they don’t want you to notice the conditions of their warranties. Most of them require that you have a certain number of Professional Service appointments each year for your high quality air temperature control equipment. 

Recently, I was taking a look at The Bryant evaporator coil handbook, and realize that I hadn’t seen a single line of about what manufacturer warranties I could expect. I had been prepared to purchase the coil condenser until that moment… But in hindsight I started to feel nervous. I contacted my big brother and ask him what he thought of the Bryant evaporator coil. Luckily, he was familiar with this humidity control unit and was able to tell me all about it. He sent me over a different brochure which had a tiny section on the manufacturer warranty.  When I finally took a look at the conditions of the manufacturer guarantee, I was relieved to find that I had 90 days to get the unit registered. After that, I only needed to schedule yearly maintenance on the evaporator coil to continue receiving the manufacturer coverage.

I was really relieved when I had this information and felt like I could proceed with getting of the Bryant evaporator coil installed. I had been looking at the system for quite a while, and felt like it was going to be a great option for improving and my overall cooling efficiency. Although my family had helped me to secure and install a really great air conditioning unit, I felt like the continued heat and humidity in my region was doing a number on the daily operations of my cooling device. I wanted to remove more humidity from the air with a safe and efficient supplementary machine. That’s exactly what evaporator coils are meant for. I knew that I could trust Brian’s because they come heavily recommended by my entire family. I also knew that Bryant had phased out dangerous Freon refrigerant many years ago. That left me with the confidence to move forward with my equipment purchase and installation. I felt excited and extremely comfortable with the extra HVAC expense, especially since the limited warranty could be extended with proper service appointments. 

Luckily for me, Professional HVAC service is something that I will never neglect. With my family of HVAC specialist, it’s not like I could forget to have my heating and cooling system inspected each year if I tried. If I somehow forgot to schedule my regular Heating and Cooling technician to come out to the house, it wouldn’t be long before a designated professional was knocking on my door anyways. With my HVAC family, the Fourth of July and Christmas are basically HVAC repair appointments in my world. When they aren’t making fun of my “compromised” indoor air quality over a little pet dander, I really love having them around. My coil evaporator is going to be running like new for the next 10 or 20 years, if my family has anything to say about it.

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