Becoming and air conditioning nerd

For almost my entire life, I’ve been cold. I mean, I have a dazzling and warm personality… But my body has always been so cold. I blame part of this on chronic anemia, and the other half on living in the brutally cold northeast corner of the country. I don’t know what to tell you, except my family settled there and I got stuck in the region for 20-something years. I never enjoyed the weather during that time. In fact, I was chronically cold and sickly. It took me a long time to wise up and get myself to a warmer climate. Eventually, I relocated further south. I enjoy the sunshine and heat here quite a bit, but I’m still adapting to new ways of living. I’m both happy and disappointed to report that I have new problems to overcome in this semi tropical climate.

It turns out, along with the cold temperature in the Northeast, I was also exposed to very dry air conditions.  I don’t think I ever realized how low the relative humidity was there until I moved to the South. The day that I arrived in my new home city, I thought that it was ridiculously humid because there was a storm blowing through the area. I didn’t realize that I had my causation backwards; everyday it would get so humid that a storm was created out of the blue. I truly thought this was a random sticky day. Over the next few weeks, I realized my mistake. Everyday was more humid than the last and there was no escaping the sweat. I felt like I was swimming through air most days, soaking wet and breathing in water. It was incredibly uncomfortable.  I experienced months of insomnia, lying awake at night and sweating through my sheets praying that the air temperature would cool down soon. Little did I know, this was how about eight months out of the year. After my first year living down here I realized that I needed to make some changes.

First of all, it became clear that other people had more advanced air conditioning units than I did. I had brought down my single window air conditioning unit from home during the move. This tiny unit definitely was not adequate. Secondly, I realized that many people who had central air conditioning systems didn’t stop there. I did a little research online and started finding a lot of really useful information about modern air temperature control.  I learned that rather than just having one AC condenser outside their home, many people installed a secondary system that was used to extract even more humidity from their homes indoor air. Because the humidity was so prolific, they didn’t only rely on their air conditioning system to remove the airborne water. Instead, they invested in specialized machinery that works in tandem with their AC unit to filter out the microscopic water droplets. This resulted in a far more comfortable indoor environment, while also saving the AC unit a great deal of extra work. In turn, this extended the lifetime of the air conditioner system and kept their home feeling cooler for longer.

Once I knew what to start looking for, it was pretty easy to identify the best Available equipment for this purpose. I started looking into the Bryant series of evaporator coils one day and was wildly impressed with what I saw. There was a great deal of information available online, and I felt like I could really understand the difference between this evaporator coil and other units available through alternative manufacturers.  First of all, Bryant evaporator coils are used with puron refrigerant. if you aren’t familiar with the controversy surrounding Freon-22 coolant, consider yourself lucky. It’s a very dangerous and soon to be illegal substance. That’s why Bryant just phasing out the traditional refrigerant with a more advanced option. The company has actually been using puron refrigerant since 1996… That means over 20 years of experience with this more environmentally and health friendly option. The chemical is used to protect the ozone layer while also providing high-level cooling and air conditioning power.  With so many past successes utilizing this variety of chemical coolant, I immediately trusted Bryant when it came to replacing dangerous freon refrigerant with a superior option. 

The other really amazing aspect of Bryant evaporator coils is their compatibility with a variety of other existing heating and cooling systems. You don’t have to operate a brand new Bryant air conditioner in order to use a brand new Bryant evaporator coil. The supplementary air quality control device was designed with your upgrade needs in mind. Bryant knew there was a good chance that you would inherit one of their air conditioning machines or purchase an air conditioner yourself without the evaporator coil.  Rather than punishing you for ignorance or lack of HVAC insight, Bryant created their evaporator coils with advanced compatibility options. You can easily retrofit your brand new Bryant condenser coil on to an older air conditioning system. This means you won’t have to tear your entire cooling system apart to rebuild it with more humidity control. Instead, you can add extra air quality control to your existing heating and cooling system. It’s the best of both worlds.

 For me, this seems like the best option. I wasn’t ready to replace my entire heating and cooling system in my home, but I also couldn’t stand the constant sticky feeling. I knew that I wanted to improve my air conditioning system and it was great to find out that I could have superior indoor air quality without a full air conditioning investment. By installing the additional Bryant evaporator coil  and having my knowledgeable HVAC technician link it up to my existing air conditioning machinery, I saved myself a ton of money. My initial investment was lower than if I purchased only a new AC unit. Even more importantly, I’m thrilled to report that my monthly utility bills are lower than I’ve ever seen them. I’ve been running my air conditioner and evaporator coil daily for months now, and my energy bills are lower than they ever were back home. Even with this ridiculous heat and humidity everyday, I feel like I’m prepared to take on anything thanks to my new air handling system. No matter how hot and humid it gets. 

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