Having good times at the beach

We have such a fun group of great players now and yesterday was one of those days, however we usually have about ten players enjoying and cheering when something cool happens on the court, but it makes the players try a bit harder when people are cheering them on and I am no exception.

  • I love to put on a show so it is great for me when the group enjoying it gets fired up.

My skyball serve goes up in the air about 10 stories and actually draws the crowds, however the local business on the beach also has a great audience enjoying and occasionally we can even hear them cheer from far away. My partner is a Heating and A/C pro and we play really well together usually, unless we are tired or just off in our rhythm, however sports are great because they bring strangers together and create bonds that can last for a lifetime. The heating and cooling corp where I work has volleyball tournaments once in a while and I have won more than one of them so far. The sixth one I played in we were looking to win the whole thing again until I dislocated my shoulder hitting a ball. I had to get it back to normal again abruptly because I need my shoulders for working on Heating and A/C devices when I do service calls in homes and offices around town. It took me about more than two months to strengthen it to the point where it wasn’t a problem any more and now it is as good as again. This month I am installing a heat pump and then hitting the beach to study my book.

furnace/heater repair

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