Heating and cooling systems for different climates

What area of the country do you live in? Personally, I live in the Mid-South of the country. I wouldn’t say that I’m down in the Deep South or anywhere near the Panhandle where the weather is truly horrendous. However, I do live in a region that experiences particularly hot and humid conditions for most of the year. It isn’t tropical, nor are we at risk for hurricanes. but we do get our fair share of sunshine and continually sticky weather. I would estimate that at least 8 months of the year are warm enough for us to operate our Central cooling system in the house. The next four months of the year, we’re able to get by without any heating or Cooling at times. At other times, we actually have to employ a heating system. 

Even though I’m not living in the most extreme hot and humid weather conditions, I still feel as though I’ve learned a great deal about living in heat since I’ve moved down here. I used to live in the midwest, where are we worried a lot more about the cold weather than the summertime. We had to focus our attention on our heating systems more so than the air conditioner. Living in the South now, I am basically an air conditioning expert. Or, I should say I became obsessed with air conditioning after moving to the South. I only started learning about air conditioning in the last 6 months when it became highly relevant to my life.

You see, when I first moved to this region I was renting my home. That meant I didn’t have as much responsibility when it came to maintaining the house infrastructure or the important appliances such as the heating and cooling system. It wasn’t my air conditioning unit to worry about. Therefore, I really didn’t pay much attention to the cooling system. Like most people, I didn’t know what I had until it was gone. I moved into my own home, and suddenly is the air conditioning unit was all my responsibility. This is when I realized how little I actually understood when it came to the operation and upkeep of modern cooling systems. The first time I woke up and my home felt stagnant and hot inside, I nearly cried.  I went out to the AC unit in the yard, and realize that it just wasn’t starting. I had no idea what to do or who to call. That’s the day that I realized I needed to take charge of my own home air temperature control equipment and learn a thing or two about the systems that I was running everyday.

I started by learning about the old air conditioning system I was currently employing. To be honest, there really wasn’t much to learn. I watch a few quick videos online about repairing these ancient cooling systems, but there weren’t any manuals available or other resources because the unit was so outdated. This was enough information for me to understand that I was trying to operate an extremely inefficient and low-powered air conditioning system in a high-powered situation. With the ongoing heat and humidity in my area, I shouldn’t be running this outdated air conditioning system unless I wanted to drive myself into bankruptcy. I was surprised that the AC unit had lasted this long at all.

My next move was to start looking online for high-tech and modernized air conditioning systems. I figured, if I was going to put any money into my heating and cooling system in the house, I might as well start all over again and invest in a cooling system that met my needs. This is how I found the Bryant 187BNC Two-stage Cooling System. I happened to do a quick Google search for high tech and high powered air conditioning systems that were also highly energy efficiency. I honestly didn’t expect to find much. The very first results in my search was this amazing cooling system developed for operating continually in difficult climates. I couldn’t believe my eyes! 

Not only was the system highly innovative and technically sound, but it was built to last. It actually might be more air conditioning power and heat specialty than I needed.  In fact, the 187BNC Two-stage Cooling System was developed to service people who were living beachside. This meant, not only was the system developed to operate under extremely hot and humid conditions, providing an advanced level of indoor comfort all day long, however it was all so tough. The parts were specially treated with chemical coatings to withstand the abuse of salty ocean spray. The condenser is protected from windblown sand and debris in your outdoor application. Long story short, this machine was built to withstand goddamn hurricanes! 

I know I might be going a bit overboard with purchasing this high-level air conditioning system, however I’m pretty sure that it’ll pay off in the end. Reading more on the actual operations of the air conditioning machine, it becomes clear that the mechanics are next Level. The machine is capable of operating with a low level cooling power that’s highly energy-efficient for your more standard days of heat and humidity. When a terrible heatwave rolls through or it gets exceptionally humid, the two-stage air conditioner is capable to ramp up its power and switch over to a more energy costly cooling method. This means you are normally operating  with very little energy expenditure, but you have the capability of blasting your home with high powered cooling if the situation presents itself. I’ll be able to save money each day, while also having the reassurance that I can rapidly cool down my home if the conditions call for it.

I love knowing that my new air conditioning machine will not only have a high SEER rating and incredible endurance, but I’ll also be comfortable in my home no matter what Mother Nature throws at me. Maybe I’m still just getting used to the heat and humidity of living in the South, but at least now I understand what my air conditioning options are.

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