I could hear the heating system turn on this past night

Yesterday it was nearly eighty degrees, but in the middle of the night, I heard the heating system turn on.

I did not anticipate the temperature to drop last night, but it did.

The weather changed during the course of the night. In addition to the wind, there was also a rain shower. At midnight, the temperature dropped from seventy to thirty-six, and the house was also cool. I was ecstatic that I had not convinced my husband to turn on the air conditioner. As chilly as it was when I awoke, I would have been absolutely frozen. In addition to setting the thermostat to sixty degrees, he lit a fire in the fireplace when I awoke to help alleviate the chill in the home office. I prepared his breakfast so that he could go to work. He predicted there would be many service calls this week, as people would have had their air conditioners on for more than two days while the heat was on. Now that it was back to normal and nearly thirty degrees cooler than it was earlier in the week, people would forget that they had to switch back to heating. In addition to switching the temperature control back to heating, he would charge a number of customers for visiting their homes. It astonishes me how quickly my coworker and I forget little things, such as switching from heat to air conditioning, but it’s better than discovering that the heating system or temperature control is malfunctioning. I am confident that my husband, the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technician, will charge the lowest amount possible, but it will still be an unnecessary bill.

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