I didn't want to move away from my friends

When I was 10 years old, my mom and dad sat down with me at the dinner table and told me that we were going to have to move. I was crushed, because I did not want to leave my friends behind. I had grown up with all of my friends and we had attended several grades of elementary school together. I didn’t want anyone to go away and I didn’t want to move. My mom and dad moved me anyways and we were a long drive away from my friends. One of my friends named Jack came to visit me the following summer. He stayed with us for a week and then he went back home to the place where we were from. I only saw Jack one summer after we moved. We talked on the phone and we wrote letters back and forth to each other. After High school, Jack and I decided to find a place in the old hometown so we could both live together. Jack got a job working at a local business that sells heating and air conditioning parts. I got a job working at the grocery store. Jack makes more money working at the heating and air conditioning parts place, but I do pretty well at the grocery store. Every once in a while I get a tip from a customer because I carry the groceries out to the car. We’re not really supposed to take tips, but it helps Jack and I buy groceries. It’s nice to be back home with friends. I missed the old gang.
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