I ended up helping an HVAC worker by giving him a lift

The other day I was out at the park on a pretty long hike by myself, having a fairly wonderful time.

It helps me to release my physical energy in order to calm down, so I went on a rather long run.

I was already going back to my car when I thought I heard a voice yelling in the distance. I wasn’t totally sure, however eventually, a man caught up with me & asked in a breathless voice if he could get a ride to the other side of the large state park. The guy was seriously sweaty & it was getting pretty dark outside, so I understood that he definitely was in need of a lift if only for safety. As a fellow hiker, I gave the guy a ride instead of leaving him there in the wilderness. As we started driving to the final destination, the guy happened to mention that his name was Johnny & he was a professional heating & cooling machine specialist in town. I was surprised by this information! I typically thought that Heating & A/C machine professionals were tied up regularly, because new air handling machines were always breaking down. Julian told me I certainly wasn’t wrong, & he was often overworked. Hiking was supposed to be his time away from Heating & A/C machine jobs. A few nights later, my air conditioning machine failed on me. The cooling machine turned off & never turned back on again… Happily, I knew exactly who to call. I pulled out my Heating & A/C professional buddy Johnny’s business card & gave the man a ring. He was out in no time and quickly fixed my cooling machine. He did not charge me for any of the professional services as a way to return the cooling favor from before.
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