I let my wife choose our home temperature

I love my wife, and I would be willing to die for her

In my house, I like to have the thermostat set to a particular temperature. When I was growing up, I had a window a/c in my room, and I always set the window a/c to the same temperature. I always liked things being at one set temperature. When I grew up and moved out onto our own, I had a thermostat that controlled my central a/c and my oil furnace, and I always kept the temperature constant, but, when I met my wife, I found out that both of us did not share the same temperature preferences. Normally, the Heating and Air Conditioning differences might have turned somebody off, although I didn’t mind that both of us disagreed on the Heating and Air Conditioning units. I decided that I wanted to marry this girl, and I wasn’t going to let a small disagreement over the temperature setting on the thermostat change that. Now, you might be wondering how both of us did get over our differences and compromise, and I can answer that, we have never argued about the thermostat, and we have never had any problems with the thermostat because I always let her set the thermostat. I love my wife, and I would be willing to die for her. Since I would be willing to do that, it seems like a small thing to be willing to let her have her own way with the thermostat. Sure, the temperature isn’t set to my favorite setting, but she is happy, and that is all that matters to me. I do not need to have the thermostat set to my favorite temperature, and I would rather her be comfortable anyway.

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