I really wanted custom-made furniture.

There was something special about finally having the home of my dreams. I couldn’t wait to have it decorated and to move in. When I talked to my mom about furniture, she kept telling me about the different furniture stores in the area. I wanted to have custom-made furniture. With custom-made furniture, I would have furniture that no one else owned. I remember when my brother and sister bought furniture. They were in two different states and bought their furniture at different furniture stores. When my brother came to visit, all he could do was laugh. He showed my sister pictures of his living room, and there was the exact furniture as she had in her living room. I thought it was funny, but my sister looked a bit upset. I knew that would never happen to me if I had custom-made furniture. A part of me thought custom-made furniture couldn’t be much more expensive than showroom furniture, but I was wrong. When I started doing research on people who made custom-made furniture, not only was it expensive, but it could take as much as six months and up to two years to have it built. I thought this was ridiculous. Had I wanted to wait six months or two years, I would have ordered my furniture before I even bought my home. I would have ordered my furniture a year before I even thought of buying a home. I finally chose a few odd pieces of eclectic furniture from a furniture store, but I still planned on having a custom-made wooden table and chairs made.

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