I was able to get my friend’s furnace repaired for free

My friend called me around 12 am, and she told me she was so tired of struggling.

My friend is a single mother of 2.

Their father walked out on them, once the responsibility became too much. My friend works as a teacher, and she doesn’t make much money. It is a struggle to afford groceries every single month. The reason why she called is because their heating unit stopped working, and she knew there was no way she could get the heater repaired unless she and her kids ate toast for dinner for the rest of the week, if not longer. I talked to her, and comforted her as long as possible. When we said goodnight and went to bed, I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about what she told me, and it reminded me of my own childhood. Several times my parents would struggle and would have to give me the bare minimum just to survive. In the morning, I started reaching out to old friends and acquaintances of mine. I knew a lot of people, so surely one of them must know a HVAC specialist willing to do the work for free. A coworker of mine told me she knew a HVAC tech student was looking to practice on HVAC machines, and I could always try him. I called this cooling tech student and he agreed to try and repair the heating component. I sent him over to my friend’s place, and she called me around 2 hours later. The heating and cooling student was able to repair the furnace system back to working order! This was fantastic news, and a great relief to my friend.

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