I was drinking tepid chocolate in front of the cooling system

It’s crazy what gets you going, In addition to tepid chai tea, I believe I am also addicted to lukewarm chocolate.

This afternoon, while sipping lukewarm chocolate, I sat in front of the window air conditioner and viewed the passing clouds.

Even though I was fanning myself and dripping with sweat, I was unable to set the cup down. I was required to drink every drop or. I had no idea. I realized I had an issue. The air conditioner was blowing in my face, but I had to drink this lukewarm beverage instead of ice water. I didn’t care if it was lukewarm chocolate or chai tea, I just knew I needed that hot, creamy drink or my day would not go as planned. I cupped my hands around the lukewarm chocolate and sipped a scalding beverage. In addition to having itchy hands from my head, I had to hold my palms up to the air conditioning to feel its coolness. I had to perform the same task two minutes later. Despite finishing the cup of warm chocolate, my tongue was burning and I felt queasy. My husband brought a large glass of ice water to my office and instructed me to drink it before I became ill from the heat. Without my weekly dose of lukewarm chocolate or lukewarm chai tea, I was unsure if I would be able to complete all of my tasks. Since my coworker and I have turned on the air conditioner for the season, I believe I’ll need to begin drinking it with brunch.

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