I’m tired of running around doing the same thing everyday

I have been working as a short order cut for the past 10 years.

I actually like the job a lot.

It is nice to work in a kitchen and I think I am very good at my job. The job does not pay well, unfortunately. I make more than minimum wage, but barely enough money to pay all of my bills. My girlfriend recently got pregnant and it has me thinking about the future. I’m going to have a baby and I want to make sure that I can provide for my son or daughter. I have an opportunity to go to the technical school in town for HVAC repair. The course is 10 months long and that is 2 months longer than it will take for the baby to be born. I’ll be finishing up shortly after the baby is born. My mom and dad said that we could live at their house while I attend classes at the technical school. They are really happy that I decided to find a career. Both of my parents think that heating and AC repair and installation is a great career and one that is in high demand. My girlfriend and I will be able to go anywhere and I will be able to work as an HVAC technician all over that country. I’m still going to keep my job at the diner, because I can work on the weekends when I don’t have any classes. I’ll be able to make a little bit of extra money while I’m going to school and that will help pay for things that my girlfriend or I might want or need.

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