Installing quite a few stair rails

There is a lot of construction going on in our community and it’s getting ridiculous amounts of dust into the air on a daily basis.

I’m already in a location that has a problem with dust naturally, so any construction that involves digging into the Earth will naturally put even more dust as well as dirt into the air as well as affect surrounding communities.

While I was protected by our N-95 masks that I used to wear, I wasn’t wearing a mask recently when I inhaled accidentally while driving through a cloud of dust with our windows down in our car. After that happened as well as I nearly coughed out a lung in the process, I decided to start wearing a mask again while outdoors or whenever I’m driving without the windows closed. I’m also using our whole home house air purifier at home all of the time to collect the extraneous airborne lung irritants. Another source of allergens at home right now is our yard. I have a fencing and landscaping supplier laying shrubbery as well as planting hedges, which naturally put some dust and dirt into the air outside, thus getting inside whenever I open our front door to leave or return home. I was talking to one of the men from the fencing as well as landscaping supplier as well as he told me that he was previously at a job doing a stair railing replacement. Since there are a lot of condominiums going up right now, they’ve been installing quite a few stair rails for outdoor staircases leading up multi-story home buildings. I can only imagine that they’re making a killing amid the boon in the housing market right now.



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