It may be Spring, but it feels like Air Conditioning weather

Even though it is only mid-May and still Spring, the last couple of days have felt like air conditioning weather. In addition to asking my husband to help me install air conditioning units in the windows, I do not care why it is so hot, I am simply aware that it is hot. He reminded me that the nighttime temperature would still be in the forties and that my roommate and I could simply open the window if I didn’t like how warm it was. I knew that my colleague and I could open the windows at night, even though I was unable to do so during the day. It was too warm to have the windows open, and the ceiling fans had no effect on the day’s heat. In addition to watching cable this afternoon, he stated that temperatures were expected to return to normal. I snarled and thanked him for the information as I sat at my laptop trying to complete my work. I was drenched in sweat and barely able to think, but he continued to play his games. Since the beginning of dinner, he had not left the table or his iPhone games. He stated that it was too warm to be outdoors. In addition to doing laundry, I instructed him to go to the basement, where it was cooler, to do laundry. It was a pleasant day for washing and air-drying our rugs. He looked at the clock and said it would have been at that time. I was the only one who noticed the afternoon heat and wished for an air conditioner. I don’t recall ever being so angry with him. I desired to separate his iPhone.



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