It's cheaper to maintain HVAC equipment rather than repair it

My two kids could not be further apart in their interests and habits.

My son is constantly trying to broaden his thinking, expand his mind, and learn new facts about the world and our place in it.

I could see him going back to school someday to get a PhD, while my daughter would be content living on social media all hours of the day, seven days a week. I have to nudge my daughter along to get her to take life more seriously, which isn’t always easy. She wants things to come easy and immediately to her, but doesn’t realize that some goals in life take lots of work to achieve. She also needs to learn more responsibility when it comes to the home she lives in. I taught her years ago how to change out the air conditioner filter, but she still forgets to do it to this very day. She needs to realize that it’s a lot cheaper and easier to maintain HVAC equipment than to repair it if the machinery breaks down for any reason. Eventually she will learn how to take care of an HVAC system without me constantly reminding her. But for now, she’ll spend four years in college while the HVAC technicians working for the university will maintain and service the air conditioners and furnaces in the dormitories. I just hope that she won’t forget everything I have taught her once she’s finally out on her own and living in an apartment or a house that requires her to replace the a/c filter herself.

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