I've opted for more free time instead of more money and am glad with our choice. I have a lot of free time now and can pretty much do whatever I want each day. I’m on holiday now in the states as I moved overseas a few years ago to escape the episodic rat race that I was trapped in. I appreciate it more coming back for a couple of weeks instead of living here full-time and also appreciate our family and friends more too. When I actually come back here to the states I help our buddy, who is an owner of a local company, with heating and A/C labor and other odds and ends. Every one of us gets to see each other and make some money, so it is a “two parakeets with one stone'' kind of thing. Next month the two of us are going to install some heat pumps in a few houses and she told herself and others that she is buying the latest geothermal heat pumps because they are a lot more energy efficient. It is still summer time here however some of the patrons want to get their heating units up to par for the Wintertide and beat the mad rush when the weather turns colder. I haven’t done labor on heat pumps in a long time so it should be interesting to see how it is done with these geothermal heat pumps. I’m not even sure how they labor even though I do feel that they are good when it comes to the power of the United States. Maybe I’ll get one of them in our flat overseas when I go back.

I have experience installing heat pumps


heat pump repair

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