Jumping rope is a beneficial workout

When I was in grade school, I spent hours jumping rope.

  • I practiced so that I accomplished a few tricks.

I eventually got away from jumping. Just recently, I read a blog about some of the most productive workouts & jumping rope was among them. Jumping rope is especially beneficial for cardio training. It forces the heart & lungs to work harder to send blood & oxygen to the muscles. The repetitive motion involves a wide range of muscles throughout the legs, arms, shoulders & core. The exercise increases stamina. I did some checking into the various makes and models of jump ropes and chose to buy a Cross-rope System. This style of jump rope is unusual in that the ropes are weighted instead of weighted handles. A single set of handles works with a variety of thickness and weights of ropes by way of a metal clasp. The process of switching between ropes is quick & easy. The individual ropes provide unique benefits. The heavier ropes circle much slower and require a lot more effort. They add extra strain on the shoulders & arms, and I definitely get out of breath more quickly. The lighter ropes are better for HIIT. The jump rope system provided a free app for my smartphone. The app includes a choice of guided workouts that vary every week. The workouts are basic level as well as advanced & range anywhere between ten minutes and an hour long. Some of the sessions only include jumping while others add in push-ups, ab crunches, lunges, burpees, mountain climbers & all variations of exercises. I like that the app keeps track of my accomplishments & provides a history of the calories I’ve burned.

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