My desk is under the air vent

I’ve been a lot happier at work since I went to a remote position.

Remote positions are online positions that you can perform from home.

I did my job very well during the quarantine and my boss noticed. I told her that she should continue to let me work from home. She agreed that my productivity was increased and agreed to let me continue working from home as long as I continue to produce the same quality work. I made a place in my small apartment for a home office. I set up a desk, computer, printer, scanner, and a fax machine. I have a dedicated line directly to the computer so all of the information that I work on is safe and secure. I thought very carefully about the place that I wanted my desk. I chose the specific place because it is directly under an AC air vent. The AC air vent can easily be opened or closed depending on how much air I want at the time. I can also adjust the temperatures when I have the heat pump running. My long arms don’t stretch quite far enough to get to the ceiling, but I have a long broom handle that I have made into an item that allows me to change the position of the air vent without getting a letter or step stool. I have complete and total comfort at all times and I never have to worry about the boss breathing down my neck ever again. I absolutely love being able to work from home.

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