My home is a pet fur galore

I have been a major dog lover since I was a kid.

  • When I was a kid, we lived with the family dog and he had always been my best friend.

Sadly he passed away when I was a teenager, and when I moved out, I swore I was going to get another one. Well, I always wanted to get a husky and so I went to an available breeder and bought one. After I had my husky for about a year, I came across someone who had found a pregnant stray dog, and was selling the 7 puppies. It was so difficult to choose from all of them! There were so many pretty ones. But I was sold when one of the puppies jumped into my arms! I settled on the black and white fluffy puppy and took him home. That puppy grew up into a long haired dog, and if there was something I learned from having two long haired dogs, it’s that they shed a lot. I found myself sweeping up fur every day, but that was not the only change. I didn’t think having dogs would affect my heating and A/C system, but it did. I found myself having to change out the air filters all of the time. It went from once every 3-4 months, to every month. With each month, I was surprised at just how much hair collected on the HVAC filters. To be sure I was getting the best filters, I upgraded my old A/C filters to HEPA filters. This way, I was making sure I had great air quality and great air conditioning filters.

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