My mom told me I should be an actress. (feigned a faint without AC)

Last month, I did not find it amusing when my mother suggested I become an actress when I grow up.

She had never witnessed a more convincing fake faint than the one I performed this week, but unfortunately, she saw me peeking out from behind my eyelashes and knew I was acting.

My study room was eighty degrees, and I desired to turn on the air conditioning. She refused to be taken in by my melodrama and told me to get over it. She did not switch from heat to air conditioning due to my discomfort. She instructed me to close the window shades and turn on the fan during the day. With the windows open at night, the room would become cooler. I was required to close the windows and lower the shades during the day. This is how my mother kept the house cool throughout the day. I was also instructed to leave the ceiling fan on. I was certain she had the air conditioner on in her study room as well as downstairs, but she denied it. She informed me that I could feel air ducts. She knew what to do due to years of experience, and she refused to turn on the air conditioner despite my request. I grumbled and stomped my way toward the study room. I slammed the door just for good measure. In addition to turning on the fan, I opened the window that night without telling her. When I awoke, I closed the window and lowered the window shade. My room was noticeably cooler when I returned home from school.



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