Our heating/cooling needs are met thanks to the ductless heat pump –

I’m very fortunate to be making a living as a grape farmer in the northeastern area of the country.

The ideal weather happens to include extremely cold winters and blazing hot, humid summers, so I struck gold with this location for grape farming. I took on this lifestyle of work knowing it would allow me to set our own hours, keep physically active, and never have to deal with the headache of coworker drama in the workplace. However, it does come with its temptations to quit sometimes. I work extremely long hours, all year long, in some of the poorest weather conditions, despite it’s prosperity for grape harvest. I will often spend countless straight hours trimming vines in excruciating temperatures, well below zero. I opt to dedicate roughly twelve or so hours to spraying pesticides when the temperature hits in the upper nineties. I store all the necessary equipment in this designated shed I have solely for work related tasks. Not only does it serve a practical storage purpose, it allows me to get out of the weather for a coffee break when the temperature feels unbearable. With the weather seasons getting more intense year-round, I decided that outfitting the shed with a resourceful heating and cooling system would be most beneficial. Being somewhat naive on where to start, I looked in anything that came to mind; wood stoves, propane heaters, electric area heaters, fans and portable a/cs. However, all of these potentials had some major disadvantages that were deal breakers. In hindsight, I needed a heating/cooling plan that could heat and/or cool the area rather quickly without costing a ton. I finally came across a ductless heat pump after asking some neighbors and friends for some insight. This compact system was straight-forward to install, fairly priced, and was honestly just what I needed. I love that I can switch on the heat pump from an app on my phone or desktop, all while not being in the shed. Tending to some other tasks and a few hours later, the temperature is just what I need to shake off the heat or freeze. Since the heat pump is popular for its energy efficiency, it was a win-win as an investment. My final thoughts, it’s totally safe, quiet, and filters the indoor air better than the way you found it.

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