Perks of HVAC service plan

I didn’t realize the perks of the HVAC service plan until I saw how it helped my friend and I.

My friend and I lived in a tiny house, and while we are trying to go our separate ways and move on, the current price of everything is just not allowing that.

Money is already tight as it is, so when I arrived home and was greeted by a sweltering house, I was worried. I found my friend studying the heating and A/C machine, and trying different troubleshooting methods, to see if any of them worked. Eventually, my friend managed to temporarily fix it by turning it off and then on again. However, that was not the end of our heating and A/C problems. The very next day, the heating and A/C machine shut down again. Today was supposed to peak at 99 degrees, so definitely not a day to go without a functioning A/C system. I was feeling quite miserable, because I was thinking for sure we are going to fry alive inside our house, and there was no A/C business to come to the rescue because I could guarantee that they were busy repairing other people’s heaters and A/C units. However, my friend was still very chill, and he made one simple call to the local A/C corporation, explained a few things, and to my amazement, the A/C professional was here 15 minutes later. After the cooling technician managed to get everything repaired, I asked my friend how he did that. Apparently he has the A/C service plan, and HVAC emergencies are one of the things that is covered.

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