Pushing myself during workouts

I workout nearly every day for approximately an hour.

I am extremely conscientious about taking enough time to properly warm up.

I make certain to stretch my various muscles, loosen up all my joints & steadily work up to higher intensity exercises. My exercise programs vary between concentrating nearly entirely on cardio to strictly strength training. I make every effort to target specific muscles one day & different ones the next. However, I also am prone to pushing too hard despite injury or illness. I’ve learned that I can sometimes alleviate headaches & assorted aches & pain through a demanding workout. I’ve also made minor injuries more painful and take longer to heal because I worked too hard. I once strained my psoas muscle, & recovery took longer than expected. It was terribly painful to even sit or walk. I attempted to focus my training sessions around primarily strength training and ab crunches. I eventually got tired of that and tried to run. This definitely set me back and extended my recovery time. I’ve also managed my daily workout with a fever, congestion & nausea. I felt much worse at the end of the workout. Just recently, I’ve been having issues with leg cramps in the middle of the night. I am forced to sleep with heating pads tied around our calves. I know I should take it easy on those muscles. I was able to keep myself from any type of high impact cardio for three days and then I ended up jumping rope for an entire hour. My legs were super painful that night. While daily exercise is certainly good for health & fitness, I need to attempt moderation.


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