Radiant heated floors are too expensive

I’ve had the desire to pay for radiant floors for my bathroom. It’s so tiring having to get up in the mornings in the Winter and be so cold when I go to take a shower. Frankly, this was getting on my nerves. At times it even ruined my whole day. However, I first chose to try getting a portable furnace instead. After all, paying only 68 bucks for heating compared to thousands is awesome. Well, the portable furnace seemed to have been the right pick as long as I put it on several minutes before I got into the shower. It’s what works best for me it seems. I’ll not be investing lots of money into radiant floors for my bathroom because of this. Radiant floors are amazing, but they cost an arm and a leg which is too rich for me. Now if the portable furnace didn’t work, then I’d have invested the money by borrowing a loan from my bank in order to pay for the radiant floors. However, all that is in the past because of this great portable furnace that has the power to do what is needed and keep me hot in the bathroom. The frigid Winter mornings seem to be no match for the portable room heater. It’s quite powerful and can handle it. HVAC technology can be so marvelous.


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