Skipping HVAC maintenance can lead to unforeseen issues

When my family comes into town, there is always a mad rush to have everything in place for when they get here.

I always rush to the store, to purchase enough food as well as supplies that they might need while they’re here.

Additionally, I clean my house from top to bottom, and pay special attention to the guestrooms. Though it’s always a mad rush, I do love it when they visit. Especially when my brother comes to town because I get to see my niece and nephew. Last year, they came to visit for a week. They stayed with me for 3 days and then spent the rest of the time at a really nice hotel. Well, it was the middle of the Summer, and the first night they were here, my A/C decided to stop working. It was my fault because I knew the unit needed to be serviced but I kept pushing it off for a later date. So, when they were at my house, it had been more than a year since my last A/C maintenance. Typically, I schedule it before the Summer, but I was so busy during that time. I called my HVAC technician John that evening, and he was able to help us troubleshoot the issue. My brother stayed on the phone with John until he got the unit back up and running. Turns out, there was excess water that accumulated inside the HVAC unit, which triggered the overflow sensor. The fix was we needed to get a wet vac and suck the water out from inside the unit. Thankfully, it worked, and I scheduled my maintenance the very next day with my HVAC technician.

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