Sticking to what I know

I would love to be a big spender.

I’m what they call a cheapskate, a penny pincher as well as other variable nicknames.

Some of that I consider good. I don’t go out and if I do somehow I convince my friends to pay. I utilize my parents Netflix password and other streaming services. I don’t pay for cable at all but I do pay for my mortgage, internet, electric and heating bill. I don’t have a car and ride the bus. Why would I pay for car insurance and a monthly car payment when I live in the middle of everything? Living in the middle of everything is funny because like I said I don’t spend money. I always want to be ready for something bad to happen. My friends feel I live life in fear and I have to take risks in order to be happy. I am happy though but who knows what can happen tomorrow. Like recently my hot water boiler broke. I had to contact a HVAC specialist to come out and do a boiler repair. That isn’t cheap! Any time they say something I point to that. They have credit cards maxed out and I don’t want to be in debt. I do have a couple but I only use them to buy groceries and pay for my utility bills but I immediately pay off the credit I owe. This of course is to increase my credit score. Maybe someday when I have a wife, kids or life changing mindset I’ll spend money like crazy. For now I’m always going to be prepared.

Air conditioner tune-up

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