Still suppose about those huge windows

When my fiance plus I were looking at strange homes to buy, there was a single locale I easily wanted! The apartment had a huge living area that was in the back of the house.

  • The entire back wall was glass plus it faced the backyard, you could see the whole yard plus it easily made the room so bright.

You didn’t need any other kind of light due to the windows. The front of the room connected with the living room. There was a little ledge that felt love a steakhouse set up. You could put up a stool plus eat supper while seeing someone at the stove. That room was why I wanted the house. There were tons of weird things with the apartment though. The bathrooms were all at a single end of the house. There were tons of additions to the apartment that weren’t insulated, then also, there were three Heating, Ventilation plus A/C units all set up, my fiance insisted there were other hidden problems in the house. He didn’t love the huge windows either. He distraught about privacy, sun exposure plus the windows leaking plus ruining our energy costs! I looked up tons of window motion pictures plus window tint installers however my fiance wouldn’t hear about it. He said that even though we could service the color of the windows, if they weren’t installed airtight, that would be a problem… With all the other problems, we passed on the house. I still miss that apartment plus suppose about those huge windows facing the yard. I would have enjoyed that as a kitchen.

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