Storage unit for his junk

My husband is quite the pack rat.

Anytime there is an open space, he fills it.

It drives me crazy and I frequently go on a spree where I throw everything out. When his father passed away my husband inherited quite a lot of junk. It is worthless stuff but my husband can’t bear to throw it out. I didn’t want to store an old organ that didn’t work, a glass chess set, a tube TV, clothing, shoes and all sorts of odd things in my house. My husband wasn’t willing to toss anything to condense the pile. So I found a shipping container company that does muldaur storage facilities. Rather than pay for mini storage once a month, we paid a one time fee for a shipping container. They made it into a storage facility and plopped it behind my husband’s shed. So the storage unit is hidden but still there to house his junk. The shipping containers are made really well. They are airtight, water tight, lockable doors, windows and security cameras can be added. My husband won’t have to worry about moisture damage or rats chewing on his fathers things. There even is a window and keyless entry. It really is too good of a space to just be storing random junk. My husband is so happy with it he is already talking about buying another one. I am worried we are going to be the shipping container house pretty soon. I don’t think I can handle having a bunch of storage units for my husband’s garbage.



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