The air purifier didn't cost too much money

I have had terrible allergies for quite some time.

They bother me frequently but I try very hard not to let it get me down.

I never really thought about buying an air purifier for my home. I didn’t really know that they were affordable and I certainly didn’t know they could offer such incredible relief from allergens, dust, and germs. I started researching indoor air purifiers shortly after the covid quarantine was over. I was looking for a way to protect myself and my family. I read that there were a couple of indoor air purifiers that could actually get rid of the coronavirus. I had to search for 3 weeks to find the product, because they were all out of stock online. I bought a portable air purifier. It kills 99.9% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses including the coronavirus. The air purifier has a filter that needs to be changed frequently. Those filters are very expensive. In order to achieve maximum protection from the air filter, it has to be changed once each week. If I change the air filter once each week, I end up spending $200 every month for air filters. I thought the air purifier was going to be affordable, but changing the air filter that frequently means a pretty big Bill that I have to pay each and every month. If the air purification system didn’t work so well, I would never spend that money. Fortunately, it really does help me breathe much better and I still haven’t been sick after 18 months of the pandemic.


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