The expense of winter heat is a major source of stress

I’m not making nearly as much money these days as I did in the past.

I have to put things into perspective and realize that I still have my job while so many others in my industry don’t.

And it’s interesting how much of an effect artificial intelligence will have on a lot of industries once these software algorithms can learn from their mistakes on an unfathomable scale. They’re already writing and rewriting code for programmers that need these bots to quicken their pace and speed with project completions. And if the AI is better than a person at catching programming mistakes, it immediately becomes a useful tool to the industry. It might eventually threaten jobs, but it assists before it gets to that point. Luckily, my job isn’t under threat from artificial intelligence any sooner than a policeman or a firefighter. While I don’t make a ton of money, you’d have to build a sophisticated robot to replace my job. Still, I am always stressed during the winters because of the money I have to spend on keeping my house warm. Running the heating system in the winter is not cheap, especially if you don’t have an energy efficient heating system. Everytime my furnace turns on, my mind starts thinking about all of the money that I have to spend just to run that furnace. If I could heat my house solely with wood from my own yard, it would go a long way toward diminishing my winter stress. It’s all of the money that goes down the toilet while keeping the house from freezing that puts me into mental spins.

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