The HOA in their community has to have bee removal

At first Mark and JOsh thought they were killing them, which made them quite sad

The community Mark and Josh live in has residential bee removal. The HOA in their community must have bee removal every month. The reason is they have a severe bumble bee and honey bee problem. Mark and Josh believe this is because they have a ton of plants and flowers in their town. It helps to keep the area looking beautiful and alive in Spring. However, with lots of flowers and plants comes lots of wildlife. Some of this wildlife is welcomed. Josh and Mark have seen an increase in butterflies, which is quite satisfying. There was also an increase in lizards, which is good for keeping all of the unwanted insects in check. Last is the bees. The bees really wouldn’t be that problematic if it wasn’t for the fact that they come in droves. Mark and Josh have also seen yellow jackets. There was only a small population of them, so they aren’t causing a problem yet. Anyways, the community organizes a honey bee removal operation to reduce the bee population. At first Mark and JOsh thought they were killing them, which made them quite sad. But, they soon found out that the company is a honey bee rescue, which takes them to honey farms where they can harvest honey from them. The guys were happy to hear they aren’t killing the honey bees and bumblebees. We all really need them for the environment, and they’re already endangered as it is.


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