The intern and the failing gas furnace

When I got the call that my internship had been accepted at the best and most prestigious heating business, I could not hold my excitement.

I ran down the street screaming and jumping with joy.

I was to start the next week on a Monday. This opportunity would be a good step in my career. This company had a reputation to produce the best heating technicians in the country. My first day was nothing like I imagined. After being introduced to the rest of the staff, the gas furnace blew up and left the office feeling like a freezer. People say heat makes people crazy but it is the cold that makes people flip. I heard someone shouting my name at the top of their voice, it was my supervisor. He was requesting me to join the rest of the servicemen in doing the boiler repairs. This was so that I could get to know more about heating. The boiler was leaking gas and the heat from the switch had ignited the gas causing an explosion. The heater maintenance crew took over, trying to uninstall the unit. I contacted the heating dealers who delivered a geo heat pump. Everyone agreed that this new HVAC was top-quality HVAC equipment. All of my colleagues worked tirelessly to ensure that they restored quality heating within the office. The boss was frustrated and worked up as he had respiratory issues and the cold was doing him no good. As soon as the unit was switched on, we set up moderate temperatures using the wifi thermostat. We understood the homeowner solutions that we usually provided to our customers. My first day had been very eventful and it had revealed a lot of temperaments within the office.

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