The kind A/C corporation went above and beyond

I am still amazed at what happened yesterday.

I met probably the most kind business ever.

Yesterday, I was having my heating and air conditioning system replaced. The old HVAC machine was probably 15 or so years old, and was not working the way it should anymore. I was very careful with calculating everything, and I made sure that I could afford the new HVAC installation. When the day came and everything was prepared for the A/C installation, the head of the HVAC team asked for payment. I went to pay him and my card was declined. To my horror, I had a significant amount less in my account than I had thought. I was expecting the guy to become angry or impatient, but instead, he remained completely cool, and he said that the A/C company offered a payment plan, so that way I could pay the rest of it off at a later date. I didn’t realize that heating and A/C businesses actually offered payment plans, and this sounded like a fantastic idea. Although what I just described was awesome, it was what happened next that truly amazed me. Not only did they do a perfect job installing the new cooling unit, but they also gave me a free smart thermostat! Smart thermostats are usually an expensive piece of HVAC technology, and they gave it to me for free! I was so grateful for the kindness of this A/C corporation, and I knew that they were the kind of company that I wanted to do business with.



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