The sleepover

My girlfriends and I enjoy doing lots of things together.

We love to go shopping and have a blast when we eat out together.

I’m always amazed that the restaurant managers don’t kick us out because we can get pretty loud sometimes. But our favorite type of get together is a sleep over. There’s nothing quite like sitting around in our pajamas, eating lots of snacks, and talking late into the night. Recently, the sleepover was at my place, and I had everything ready for the night. Shortly before my friends arrived, I heard a funny sound coming from the basement. My furnace is getting old, and I’m used to some of the sounds that it makes. For example, when the blower first starts to run, there’s a humming sound that it makes. My HVAC technician has checked my system in the past and has assured me that this is normal. But I had never heard the sound that the furnace was making on this particular night, sort of a whining sound. At first I tried to ignore it. But as time went on, the noise continued, which made me very nervous. I finally decided to call my HVAC technician and described the sound to him over the phone. He thought that the sound was probably caused by one of three things. The blower belt could be slipping and need to be replaced. Or the bearings might need to be oiled at the end of each of the shafts. Or it could possibly be caused by a malfunction of the blower motor. Because he had recently serviced my heating system, he assured me that it could wait until morning when he could stop by. After hearing that, I could thoroughly enjoy the sleepover.

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