There are simply too many bees in our area

The community I live in has area bee removal.

  • The HOA in our community has to have bee removal every now and then.

The reason behind this is we have a dire bumble bee and honey bee problem. I believe the cause of this is the plants and flowers in the neighborhood. These are great at keeping the area looking beautiful and amazing in spring and summer. However, having so many flowers and plants attracts wildlife. Some of this wildlife isn’t an issue. For instance, we have seen an increase in butterflies, which everyone is happy about. There was also an increase in lizards, which we know keeps unwanted insects in check. But, we also get bees. The bees wouldn’t cause any problems if it wasn’t for the fact that there are simply just too many in this area. There are also yellow jackets, but the small number means they aren’t a nuisance at the moment. Anyways, the community has honey bee removal folks who come out and remove all of the bees. On day one, I thought they were killing them, which made me quite worried. However, I came to learn these folks were from the honey bee rescue. They take the bees to honey farms where they can harvest honey from them. I was cheerful to think they aren’t killing the honey bees and bumblebees. We need them for the environment, and bees are endangered as it is.

Beekeeping and honey

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