There was a fireplace behind centuries of wallpaper

I was assisting my partner with a home renovation.

Before my partner and I began re-papering the walls, the owners hired us to remove all the old wallpaper and examine the wall’s underlying structure.

I never imagined that my colleague and I would discover something interesting other than an ant and insect-infested wallboard. In addition to being over 200 years old, the house had been abandoned for decades.The owners of the residence desired to convert it into a bed-and-breakfast, necessitating extensive renovations. My colleague and I began the project by removing the wallpaper from the walls. After days of scraping, spraying, and additional scraping, my colleague and I finally reached the point where we believed we were on the final layer. That’s when I struck something hard and was also surprised. It did not have the texture of drywall or wood. It felt as if I were striking a rock. I called my partner over and informed him of the situation. My companion and I discovered an old fireplace when he began removing the last ten layers of paper. There were more than two layers of wallpaper on the wall, which completely concealed the fireplace. Someone had placed a board in front of the fireplace to conceal it, but it was still visible. When the owners arrived that afternoon, he was surprised. He was pleased to see the fireplace, but he never anticipated discovering such a surprise behind the wallpaper. He was now eager to discover what other treasures were concealed within the home. He hoped my colleague and I could find another fireplace.


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