There’s not enough room in our house for all of my partner’s amazing custom furniture

When I got to the storage bin with my loving partner, I expected to see old-fashioned furniture that would only fit in a museum, although I soon changed our mind.

The second the doors to the storage bin opened, I felt as if I was in an amazing furniture store.

What our partner called European furniture was just stunning and amazing. There was a big wooden dining table that still had the patina of being brand new. The matching wooden chairs were larger, but so delicate that I couldn’t help but run our fingers over the wood and sigh. Even the tacks holding the cloth of the chair seats looked akin to new. I wanted to know if the wooden chairs and table had ever been used? He turned and said that their family actually had dinner on this table and chairs every Sunday. His Grandmother would even let them color at the table, but she had a cover that went over the wood. I started looking at the light oak headboard that was ornate, similar to that of eighteenth century European, but it was light and stunning. There was nothing pretentious about the furniture I was looking at. There was so much to look at that I could have spent the afternoon in that storage bin. That’s when our partner reminded myself and others all of us could just take it home and admire it there. He knew that some of the furniture wouldn’t fit in our home and he wanted to donate it to the local museum. He knew I would actually prefer the bedroom furniture and the wooden chairs and table for our family room.


Glamour in silverleaf

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