They have so many plants and flowers in their area

The community Paul lives in has residential bee removal.

Their HOA must conduct bee removal each week in spring, because this community has a bumble bee and honey bee issue. Paul believes this is brought on by the tons of plants and flowers in their community. These are great at keeping the area looking lovely and perfect in Springtime. However, the many flowers and plants attract lots of wildlife. There is wildlife that’s welcomed, Paul has seen an increase in butterflies, which he thinks is amazing. There are also many lizards, which is nice for keeping all of the unwanted insects in check. But, there are also many bees. The bees truly wouldn’t be such a pain if it wasn’t for the fact that they just keep coming to the area. Paul also knows there are yellow jackets. Someone saw a small population of them, but they aren’t an issue at the moment. Anyways, the community has a honey bee removal place come out and remove all of the bees. The first time they came, Paul thought they were killing the bees, which made him unhappy. But, the head of the HOA told him that the place is a honey bee rescue. They remove the bees and take them to honey farms where they can harvest honey from them. Paul was ecstatic to hear they aren’t killing the honey bees and bumblebees. The world needs them for the environment, and they’re numbers decline every day.


Beekeeping and honey

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